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Jaggery solicits reviews of books on a wide range of subjects pertaining to South Asians, South Asia and South Asian diasporas. We seek fair and unbiased reviews of academic/popular-cultural books (creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry), film, music, and theater. Each review should be addressed to the general reader and should include a description of contents and a critical appraisal.  WORD LIMIT: 1000 words.  Payment is $25 / piece.

IMPORTANT:  We are reading submissions blind, to ensure your work has the fairest reading.  Submittable will allow you to include a short cover letter with your work; you may include one if you wish, but it will not be viewed by department editors until after they have read and considered your work.  It is important that you strip your name from your actual manuscript.  Non-blind submissions may be summarily rejected.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.